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Tyrone Electrical Services was founded in 1996, by Christopher Carroll Senior and Christopher Carroll Junior.

Since then, this surging business has become one of the leading Electrical Contracting companies.

Tyrone Electrical are highly experienced in the project management and administration of major industrial and commercial projects, nationwide.

(Company headquarters are in Thebarton, SA; with offices and operations also located in Salisbury SA; and Queensland).

Of course when you’re dealing with a family business, you can expect a tireless dedication to matching the highest standards.

Further, the owners of the company are accessible and easy to talk with.

What’s more, the family team and their highly-professional staff are ambitious and driven – to achieve the best Value Management outcome for every client.

Most importantly, Tyrone brings projects in on time, and on budget.

The team are proud of their contributions to a cavalcade of prestigious projects.

Not surprisingly therefore, Tyrone have won a trove of awards for excellence.

The result? Their business simply keeps growing.


Winner, National NECA Award

Flinders University Cancer Research Centre

To receive this prestigious award is one of our company’s greatest honours. The electrical installation was outstanding, with state-of-the-art services and a LED lighting helicopter pad on the roof! Amazing!

Following is a brief mention of just some of the other awards we are proud to have received for our diligent achievement of the highest standards.

Winner, NECA Award of Excellence

Flinders Biological Sciences Building

(For a Medium Commercial Project)

Finalists, NECA Awards

Australian Federal Police K9 Facility

(Small Commercial Category)

Baulderstone Award for Safety and Innovation

Two cyclone shelters, in Townsville and Ingram North Queensland

Finalists, NECA Awards

Repatriation General Hospital

Teaching Aged Care Facility Addition

Commendation, NECA Awards

The Pines Hockey Stadium Pitch & Lighting

Finalist, NECA Apprentice Awards

Our Apprentice Steven De Corso was a finalist in this prestigious contest.

Winner, NECA Award

Flinders Centre for Innovation in Cancer

(For a Medium Commercial Project)

Finalists, NECA Awards

Project Name

(For a Large Commercial Project)

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